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Kintex Resistance Band different strengths

Item number: 35000

VERSATILE - The Kintex Resistance Band can be used as a support for any strength exercise. It is suitable for numerous muscle groups and can be used EVERYWHERE - even without training equipment. The Kintex Resistance Band fits in any gym bag. 3 colors for 3 resistance levels.

The bands are especially FLEXIBLE, STABLE and ROBUST.


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What are Resistance Bands?

Strength training for the whole body. Resistance bands are strong resistance bands that are used especially in strength training. Our bands are made of 100% natural latex and are 208 cm long. Our bands are available in 3 different resistance levels, so you can choose the right training equipment for your personal fitness level. The stretchiness of the band also makes it ideal for warm-up or stretching exercises. Increasingly, yoga and Pilates sessions are also using resistance bands. In physiotherapy or rehabilitation, the bands are used to improve mobility and flexibility.

Training device for home

Your new training device is not only suitable for training sessions for the whole body, but can also be conveniently transported and thus used anywhere. Due to the two included loops, you can fold the bands compactly after training and store them space-saving. You can take your new fitness equipment anywhere and set it up where you prefer to train. For example, you can attach it to a tree and train outside in the park or garden. But also at home in your own four walls you will surely find a good place for the next training session. Your new pocket-sized gym is flexible and ready to train at any time. Choose from 3 different resistance levels and train your upper body, legs, abdomen, back, arms and butt. All this with just one piece of fitness equipment. 

Contents: 2,08 m


When can I use resistance bands?

Our bands are used in just about every sport. Whether you are a soccer player, handball player, martial artist or cyclist; resistance bands are a daily companion to increase muscle strength and endurance.

Due to the total length of 208cm, partner exercises are also possible, which makes training much more varied and exciting.

The bands are also often used to support strength exercises with your own weight or in CrossFit, such as pull-ups, push-ups, bench presses, squats or deadlifts.

In addition, the bands can also be used for rehabilitation training and physiotherapy.

Also use the fitness bands effectively for agility and speed exercises.

Be your own fitness coach and design your own customized workout program

Determine the intensity and volume of your workout based on your current needs. Adjust the type and duration of exercises to your level and go from beginner to advanced to expert in the long run.

Increase slowly and sustainably to achieve the greatest possible effect.

You know your body best. Exercises with fitness bands should not cause pain. If you experience pain during the exercises, you should seek advice from experts and, if necessary, consult a specialist.

Our practical tip: The exercise bands can also be used to warm up the muscles and loosen up the joints. Warm-up exercises can significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Color choice

What do the different colors mean?

We offer 3 different resistance bands. The bands differ in the width of the bands and the resulting resistances. The respective colors serve you for orientation and for a better differentiation of the respective resistances/strengths.

Depending on the area of application and current fitness level, you can decide which band is right for you. For beginners, it is recommended to start with the light band and increase gradually after the first training successes.

For your orientation you will find our colors and the corresponding strengths below:







2,2 cm

Bis 20 kg


Light weight training / warmup / stretching


2,9 cm

Bis 35 kg


Medium strength training / pull-up support


4,4 cm

Bis 55 kg


Heavy strength training / effective muscle building

Technical details

Technical data:

Length: 208 cm

material thickness: 4,5 mm

Material: 100 % latex

The dimensions given refer to the original condition of the tapes and not to the condition under tension/stretching of the tapes.

Kintex quality:

Our resistance bands are characterized by their dimensional stability and robustness. They are specially designed for high loads and allow smooth training with your own body weight. The skin-friendly bands meet the highest quality requirements to enable professional training. Attention: If used incorrectly, the bands can also tear quickly. During a training exercise this can lead to painful experiences.

Our tip: The resistance band can be attached to doors, trees and other objects. However, the objects used should not be too sharp or angular, if possible, to avoid tearing the bands. Ideally, the training device can be attached to a rounded bar.

The bands should not be exposed to direct UV radiation, excessive heat and cold, and extreme humidity. You can clean the fitness bands with lukewarm water and PH neutral soap.

Allergic reactions / latex intolerance

Allergic skin reactions when using resistance bands are usually very rare. If you experience allergic reactions, such as skin rash, itching or eye irritation, you should refrain from training with the latex bands. In case of doubt, please contact a medical specialist or pharmacist.

Kintex Fitness band Bulk Role 25m

Kintex Fitness band Bulk Role 25m

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Kintex Fitness band

Kintex Fitness band

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Therapy knead

Therapy knead

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