* The effect of kinesiology tapes, cross tapes and bandages has not yet been scientifically proven, so our statements are based on case studies and years of our own experience. In case of doubt, please ask a doctor, therapist or contact our experts.
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Sport Clubs

Jovanna Klaczynski
Track and field athlete
The most important tape property is durability, which definitely gets a 10/10 with your tapes. Sand, water or sunscreen do not change the durability.  
Jovanna Klaczynski (Track and field athlete)
Boaz Bassen
Ice hockey player | Schwenninger Wild Wings
Even with the high loads, during match day the durable tape from Kintex keeps its promise.
Boaz Bassen (Ice hockey player | Schwenninger Wild Wings)
Austėja Aučiūtė
During boxing training, the inelastic Kintex Sport Tape helps me to stabilize my movements. Thus, I can prevent injuries and increase my resilience.
Austėja Aučiūtė (Boxer)
Matthäus Buschkamp
For my strength training, the Kintex Resistance Bands are indispensable! Since they are super easy to transport, I can train effectively anywhere and even in nature. For me, the perfect training tool.
Matthäus Buschkamp (Kickboxer)
René Bodson
Head of Rehab, Athletics & Medicine | TSG Wieseck
Active regeneration is essential for our athletes. Before and after training, the flossing band is a great support!
René Bodson (Head of Rehab, Athletics & Medicine | TSG Wieseck)
Matthäus Buschkamp
Visually, this bottle is an eye-catcher! Have them every day in use. BPA free was important to me. Through the borosilicate glass it is also very stable.
Matthäus Buschkamp (Kickboxer)
Carolien Beckers
Even after two hours of swimming training, the tape still holds super on the skin. Very effective! Top quality!
Carolien Beckers (Swimmer)
Farnaz Esmaeilzadeh
Speed Climbing
For me, the Kintex Sport Tape is a great addition to the classic kinesiology tape. Sharp edges and extremely high load on the fingers are part of everyday climbing. Here the Sport Tape helps me in every situation and does not let me down.
Farnaz Esmaeilzadeh (Speed Climbing)
Sylli Arnold
Footballer | SC Sand
To loosen my fascia and stretch my muscles after play, I use the Kintex Fascia Peanut. The ergonomic notch distributes the pressure optimally and protects the spine.
Sylli Arnold (Footballer | SC Sand)
Isabella Scheerder
Goalkeeper | SC Sand
Flexible & Stable - For me a super fitness gadget to warm up and train before the game. The seven resistance levels, you can adjust the bands perfectly to your personal fitness level!
Isabella Scheerder (Goalkeeper | SC Sand)
Daniel Witek
Physiotherapist | DKFV Nationalmannschaft
Often my patients struggle with skin irritation and itching - except with Kintex Sensitive Tape. For sensitive skin, this is the optimal solution!
Daniel Witek (Physiotherapist | DKFV Nationalmannschaft)
Jan Apolinarski
small-Sided Football | DKFV National Team
To bring a little color into my everyday life, I like to use the Kintex Design Tapes. Colorful variety brings good mood at the same time. Apart from that, they are constructed like the Kintex Classic Tapes. Great!
Jan Apolinarski (small-Sided Football | DKFV National Team)
Marvin Jäschke
Small-Sided Football | DKFV National Team
I use the fascia roller after every hard workout to loosen up the muscles. Keyword: active regeneration. The fact that it is made entirely of cork is a great benefit, because sustainability is also very important to me.
Marvin Jäschke (Small-Sided Football | DKFV National Team)
Christina Bär
Tennis player
The Kintex fascia ball is for me the most ideal and fastest solution for small partial massages of the muscles and especially the fascia. It can be used anywhere on the body and belongs in every athlete's household. Therefore, my absolute purchase recommendation!
Christina Bär (Tennis player)
Sofia Paleologou
Equine physiotherapist
In the treatment of osteoarthritis in horses, the kinesiology tapes optimally support my physiotherapeutic treatment. The tape also relieves the tendons, the muscles and thus promotes the healing process.
Sofia Paleologou (Equine physiotherapist)
Nadine Rensing
Physiotherapist | DVV
For our players I use the Kintex Sport Tape Pro most often - inelastic, stabilizing and waterproof. In addition, I can treat capsule tears, sprains or overstretched ligaments perfectly with it or already prevent the injuries!
Nadine Rensing (Physiotherapist | DVV)
Marie Schölzel
Volleyball player | DVV
As a professional athlete, I am always very much on the road. Because of this, I find the Kintex Loops super practical and effective! Whether outside or in the hotel room - I always have a way to train!
Marie Schölzel (Volleyball player | DVV)
Stefano Limone
Osteopath D.O., Physiotherapeut BSc,
As an experienced physical therapist, I enjoy using FastDry fast-drying tape to treat injuries and discomfort in athletes and enhance their performance.
Stefano Limone (Osteopath D.O., Physiotherapeut BSc,)


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