* The effect of kinesiology tapes, cross tapes and bandages has not yet been scientifically proven, so our statements are based on case studies and years of our own experience. In case of doubt, please ask a doctor, therapist or contact our experts.
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Instruction for kinesiology tape of the tractus iliotibialis

Instruction for kinesiology tape of the tractus iliotibialis

The tendon plate of the outer thigh (tractus iliotibialis) often causes discomfort in runners or in people with hip dysplasia.

Products used in this manual

Kintex Classic Tape 5 cm Pink
Kintex Classic Tape 5 cm Pink

Kintex Classic Tape 5 cm Pink
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Our kinesiology tapes are often used for sports injuries or in physiotherapy. They are used to support and stabilize muscles, fascia, ligaments or Joints.

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This taping technique is used for pain on the tendon plate of the outer thigh. Often runners or people with hip dysplasia, such as hip osteoarthritis or hip deformity have pain in this area. The application of the kinesiology tape takes place in adduction and internal rotation, for this you lay the patient on the side and additionally place the foot of the leg above on the lower leg of the second leg. The tape is measured from the outside of the knee to the greater trochanter, the bony prominence, which you can feel very well. For this you can either use our Kintex Classic Tape and cut the strips yourself or you can use our Kintex PreCut Tape and tear the tape strips accordingly. When cutting the tape, make sure that you round off the corners, this will increase the adhesion of the tape.

Preparation and application of Kintex Kinesiology Tape

To ensure better adhesion, you should first remove all oils, creams and hair from the affected area and also clean it with alcohol. Peel off the backing paper at the base and apply the base to the outer knee joint space without pulling. The tape is then continued without traction along the tractus iliotibialis to the greater trochanter. This placement is very important in order to treat the pain appropriately.

Always rub the tape well from the inside out - this activates the adhesive and increases its durability.

Instructions for the use of Kintex kinesiology tape.

Kintex Tape should be left on for approximately 1 week, with the main effect expected in the first 3-5 days after application. You can shower, bathe, swim or do sports with the tape applied. Even sweating is possible under the tape.

ATTENTION: Please note that our articles as well as these instructions cannot replace the contacts with doctors and physiotherapists that may be necessary. Our products are not intended to replace professional advice, examinations, treatments, diagnoses, etc. by professionals, but only to support them. If you experience itching under the tape application, remove the tape immediately and consult a doctor or pharmacist if in doubt.

NOTE: The effect of kinesiology tapes is not scientifically proven, our statements are based on our years of experience.

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