6 Rollen Kinesiologie Tape "Classic" 5cm x 5m mit Aufsteller

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The Kintex Classic Tape is adaptable, skinfriendly and extendable.
Kintex Classic Tape supports the structure of the human body in an optimal way.

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Kintex Classic Tape for kinesiology applications has got a high skin tolerability and due to its wave-like hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive structure in form of an S-shape it is very elastic and adaptable to your skin. The perfect adaption to the structures of the human body e.g., the skin, fascia, muscles and meridians will be ensured and promoted by Kintex Classic Tape. This kinesio tape originated from Japan is very durable, water- and tear-proof by nature.

Application- comfort and duration
Within minutes after applying the tape you won't find it disturbing anymore therefore there are no physical constraints for any activities due to the tape application. Swimming, bathing, shower or doing sports is possible without any problems.

The application duration is approximately a week. Whereby within the first 3 to 5 days the main effect will occur. In very rare cases allergic reactions may be triggered - these reactions are often due to current intake of medication or increased by alcohol and nicotine consumption. In cases of doubt consult your physician or pharmacist.

Application technique
Kintex Kinesiology Tape is very versatile in its applications and can be used with many problems in the field of pain and restrictions of movement which can be relieved. A treatment of headaches, migraine, arthrosis, muscular tensions and indurations, problems with the intervertebral discs, lymph edemas, menstrual pain and many more are possible. Reports about effectiveness of the tape evolve from our years of experience and expertise in this field - they are not scientifically proven today. Application techniques are available under our video section.

Please note: Every human being is unique and an individual diagnosis of a specialist goes hand in hand with a specific course of a therapy. If you have any questions or in case of uncertainties please consult your physician or therapist.

Contents: 30,00 m

Technical details

Dimensions: 5cm x 5m
Base material: 100% cotton
Glue: acrylic adhesive
Pre-stretched: 10% pre-stretched base material
Elasticity: 50 - 60% in the longitudinal direction

Color choice

6 rolls of Kintex Kinesiology Tape "Classic" in a stand.
Each 5cm X 5m, stocked in the colors: Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Black, Beige.

Characteristics of the colors:
The selection of the colors plays rather a secondary role, even if the colors are selected supportively to the therapy. The colors red and pink are considered stimulating, activating and warming. The colors blue and green, on the other hand, are considered calming and cooling. The colors nature and black are considered neutral.



Our Kintex Kinesiology Tape is very versatile and can be used for a variety of problems, e.g. pain or movement restrictions can be alleviated by a tape. A treatment of headaches, migraines, arthrosis, muscular hardening, intervertebral disc problems, lymphedema, menstrual problems and many other areas of application is possible, among others. Our reports on the effectiveness of Kinesiology Tapes are based on our years of experience, they are not scientifically proven. Some different application techniques for our tapes can also be found in our video instructions:

Please remember that every person is unique and that an individual diagnosis by a specialist is part of a targeted therapy. Please contact a doctor or therapist if you have any questions or are unclear. Our experts can contact you at experten@kintex.de.

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