Cork fascia ball

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OWN MASSAGE - The Kintex cork ball is suitable for loosening for many tense muscles and fascia - both before and after training.
The balls are SMALL AND COMPACT and therefore USable EVERYWHERE - Whether at home or in the office. It is especially portable and easy to store.
Available in 2 sizes - 5 and 8 cm diameter.
NATURAL AND SUSTAINABLE - The cork ball is made of 100% environmentally friendly and sturdy cork.


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What are cork balls?

Massage balls or also called fascia balls are mainly used in sports and therapy for self-massage with your own body weight. Improve your flexibility and use the balls also supportive for regeneration.

Release tense body parts and reduce pain areas by self-massaging with the Kintex cork ball. Popular areas of application are the fascia and muscle tissues of the neck, back, legs and arms as well as the soles of the feet, which are frequently stressed in everyday life. Our double ball can also be used for active rolling out after sports activities.

All our fascia products are made of 100% natural and sustainable cork.


What exactly are fasciae? Fascia forms a fibrous network of tissue that surrounds your muscles, organs and ligaments throughout your body. Often, muscular pain is also due to stuck fascia. The Kintex cork balls should be used in a supportive way, so that the agglutinated fasciae and the resulting pain can be released.

Roll yourself fit - at home or on the road

Your own massage ball for at home or after sports. In many sports, a fascia roller or fascia balls belong to the absolute basic equipment. After a strenuous competition, you can immediately start your own regeneration with the help of your fascia ball and loosen up your stressed muscles.

Roll-On: The ball made of cork is handy and light and therefore also ideal to transport.

The ball is also ideal as a training and massage device at home.

With little time and easy exercises, you can loosen your muscles and fascia after a hard day at the home office. Integrate our sustainable cork ball into your everyday life and stay fit.

Self-massage with the help of the fascia ball should quickly relieve light tensions and pain points. Just a few minutes of self-massage will provide a good and pleasant feeling.

Advantages at a glance

- available in 2 different sizes

- environmentally friendly + ecological

- odorless

- recyclable

- washable

- disinfectable

- comfortable self-massage at home or in the office

- for selective application

- robust

- light

- dimensionally stable

- handy

- non-slip

- multifunctional use

- also suitable as "stress ball" for stress reduction


When can I use fascia balls?

For self-massage: Use the ball for self-massage with your own body weight. The cork ball can be used universally from head to toe. You can achieve the greatest effect by massaging a large area.

Training: Kintex fascia balls can also be used as a training tool. Train your balance and muscles and increase your flexibility.

Use for pain: loosening fascia is said to both relieve and prevent pain. Also the blood circulation can be promoted by the self-massage.

Regeneration: After hard training sessions or a hard day at work, it can happen that the muscles are overloaded and need regeneration. Roll out and start your regeneration actively.

Warm up: The ball can also be used before athletic exertion and competitions to activate the muscles or support stretching exercises.

Technical Details


Our fascia balls are made of 100% natural cork.

Thus, your massager is odorless, environmentally friendly, recyclable and ecological.

Practical storage bag included.

Kintex quality:

The cork ball can also be washed off with water or disinfected after use.

The outer soft layer, ensures that you can work with maximum pressure even on sensitive areas.

Durability: the cork is lightweight yet dimensionally stable and sturdy.

Technical data: 



Cork ball „Classic“ 5cm


Cork ball „Classic“ 8cm


Also known as: Massage Ball / Trigger Point Therapy Ball / Trigger Ball / Deep Tissue Ball / Lacrosse Ball / Massage Roll / Roller Ball / Roller Massager / Massage Tool / Fasciitis Ball / Relax Ball / Exercise Ball / Training ball / Sports Ball / Wooden Ball / Wood Ball

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