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Cross Tape skin size A

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Cross tapes in different colors and sizes.
Free of drugs and chemical agents.
Latex free, waterproof and tear resistant.


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What is Cross Tape?
Cross tapes are often applied to pain points or so-called trigger points in acupuncture or physiotherapy. The grid patches are intended to release existing blockages and pain. The tapes are made of polyester and polyurethane and have a grid shape, the acrylate adhesive is skin-friendly. The effect is not scientifically proven. The patch does not contain any drugs or active ingredients!

How does the aplication of Cross Tapes works?
The skin must be thoroughly cleaned and free of grease bevor sticking the tapes. To avoid a painfull remove of the tape it´s advisable to shave the adhesive joint. The full adhesion will be achieved after a while because of the heat the skin developes. Shortly after the tape is bonded it fits to the skin and doesn´t feel distrubtive anymore. To shower, bathing, swimming or doing sports is possible without any problems. The tape should be injected 20 till 30 minutes before doing sports. Some of the aplication techniques you´ll find in our video instruction.

Where do you stick the Cross Tape?
The basic for a selective therapy is only possible by the consideration of the individuel characteristics because every human is unique. Our recommendation is to inject the tapes exclusive by trained therapists.

When is the aplication of Cross Tape prohibited?
Do not stick on open wounds or blody body parts. Do not dispose by skin diseases or skin irritations. By skin responses like rednesses or itchiness remove the tape immediately and if applicable contact a docotor or therapist.

Does adverse effects exist?
Allergy or adverse effects does very rarely exist and were often continued by taking medicine or the increased consumption of alcohol or nicotin. In case of doubt please contact your doctor or pharmacist.

Scope of delivery

For Size A (27mm x 20mm):  9 pieces per sheet - 90 plasters in total
For Size B (36mm x 29mm):  6 pieces per sheet - 60 plasters in total
For Size C (44mm x 52mm):  2 pieces per sheet - 20 patches in total

Color choice

What do the different colors mean?

Kintex Cross Tapes are available in 3 different colors.

Basically, the choice of colors plays a rather subordinate role, even if the colors can be used supportively for therapy. According to kinesiology color theory, which is based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the colors red and pink are considered activating, blue and green cooling, black and dark blue strengthening and beige and yellow neutral. Many physical therapists leave the choice of tape color to their patients.

The reason for this is simple: the patient should feel comfortable with the tape and not find it disturbing.


Our Kintex Kinesiology Tape is very versatile and can be used for a variety of problems, e.g. pain or movement restrictions can be alleviated by a tape. A treatment of headaches, migraines, arthrosis, muscular hardening, intervertebral disc problems, lymphedema, menstrual problems and many other areas of application is possible, among others. Our reports on the effectiveness of Kinesiology Tapes are based on our years of experience, they are not scientifically proven. Some different application techniques for our tapes can also be found in our video instructions:

Please remember that every person is unique and that an individual diagnosis by a specialist is part of a targeted therapy. Please contact a doctor or therapist if you have any questions or are unclear. Our experts can contact you at

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