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Kintex Fitness band Bulk Role 25m

Item number: 34100

EAN: 4260310411354

25 m on a roll to CUT YOURSELF - The Kintex Fitness Band Bulk Roll can be individually cut to the appropriate length. The bands are suitable for numerous muscle groups and can be used EVERYWHERE.
Kintex fitness band fits in any pocket. 5 colors for 5 resistance levels.
The bands are especially FLEXIBLE, STABLE and ROBUST.


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What are fitness bands?

Our fitness bands are training bands made of 100% natural latex.

They are mainly used for strength training and muscle building in therapy and training. The special thing about fitness bands is that you can train with them anytime and anywhere.

Fitness bands are especially suitable for training sessions to tone arm, leg, abdominal and butt muscles.

Bulk role:

25m fitness band on a roll.

Cut your fitness band to the exact length you need.

Due to a small slit in the packaging, the band can be unrolled and cut to size optimally.

Training equipment for at home

Whether at home in the home office, in the park or on the road when traveling. The fitness band can be folded and is therefore particularly small and handy. It fits perfectly in any backpack or in your handbag.

So nothing stands in the way of spontaneous training sessions or stretching exercises.

Due to the variety of exercises, you will always remain flexible in your application possibilities and there will certainly be no long laziness.

Your pocket-sized gym is skin-friendly, space-saving and very durable.

Contents: 25,00 m



When can I use fitness bands?

Fitness bands are the all-purpose weapons among resistance bands and can be easily integrated into many popular training exercises.

Because of the 2 ends, it is up to you where you grip the band with your hand and how long the band should be for the respective exercise.

With our fitness bands you train your muscles with your own body weight. Thus, the bands are also suitable for strength training and Crossfit exercises.

Strengthen your muscles and balance your body with coordination exercises or a yoga session with a thin fitness band.

The bands are also ideal for physiotherapy exercises and recovery after long training sessions.

With the bands, muscles can be specifically stressed or training sessions can be performed even more intensively and strongly.

Be your own fitness coach and create your own customized training program

Determine the intensity and scope of your training, based on your current needs. Adjust the type and duration of exercises to your level and go from beginner to advanced to expert in the long run.

Increase slowly and sustainably to achieve the greatest possible effect.

You know your body best. Exercises with fitness bands should not cause pain. If you experience pain during the exercises, you should seek advice from experts and, if necessary, consult a specialist.

Our practical tip: The exercise bands can also be used to warm up the muscles and loosen up the joints. Warm-up exercises can significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Color choice

What do the different colors mean?

Our fitness bands are available in 7 different material thicknesses. The respective colors serve you for orientation and for a better differentiation of the respective strengths. Depending on your current fitness level, it makes sense to train with either a thinner band or a thicker band. For beginners it is recommended to start with a thinner band. Of course, you can also gradually increase and switch to a thicker fitness band. For advanced users or if you have already developed muscles, a thicker fitness band can be used for training.

For your orientation you will find our colors and the corresponding thicknesses below:






0,15 mm

0,5 – 2,6 kg

Very Light


0,20 mm

0,7 – 3,2 kg



0,25 mm

0,9 – 4,4 kg



0,30 mm

1,3 – 6,0 kg

Medium – Strong


0,38 mm

1,6 – 8,0 kg



0,55 mm

2,3 – 11,5 kg

Strong – Very Strong


0,64 mm

3,6 – 18,2 kg

Very Strong

Technical details

Technical data:

Length: 25 m

width: 15 cm

Material: 100 % latex

The dimensions given refer to the original condition of the tapes and not to the condition under tension/stretching of the tapes.

Kintex quality:

Our fitness bands are an absolute classic and have been a permanent fixture in our range since 2013. The bands made of 100% natural latex are Dekra tested and subject to our highest quality standards. Attention: If used incorrectly, the bands can also tear quickly. During a training exercise, this can lead to painful experiences.

Our tip: Never bring the fitness band into contact with pointed or angular objects.

In order for the bands to remain supple and tear-resistant in the long term, we recommend gradually dusting the surface with tallow. The bands should not be exposed to direct UV radiation, excessive heat and cold, or extreme humidity. You can clean the fitness bands with lukewarm water and PH neutral soap.

Allergic reactions / latex intolerance

Allergic skin reactions when using fitness bands usually occur very rarely. If you experience allergic reactions, for example skin rash, itching or eye irritation, you should refrain from training with the latex bands. In case of doubt, please contact a specialist or pharmacist.

Kintex Fitness band

Kintex Fitness band

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Therapy knead set of 5

Therapy knead set of 5

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