Kinesiology Tape Precut 5cm x 5m Black

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The Kintex Precut Tape is already fitted and can be applied without a scissor. Kintex Precut Tape is adaptable, skinfriendly and extendable.

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With Kinesiology Taping you can alleviate injury, relieve pain and promote healing. In physical training or practice Kinesiology Tape is applied to improve the effects of stress and muscle overload.

Through various application techniques, the Tapes may be used to combat various manifestations:
- Movement restrictions
- Osteoarthritis
- Sports injuries
- Headaches
- Myogelosis
- Disc problems
- Sciatica or sciatic syndrome
- Lymphedema (fluid accumulation in the tactile interstitial space)
- Epicondylitis (painful tendons or muscles, for example tennis elbow)
- Carpal tunnel syndrome (compression syndrome in wrist and lower arm nerves)
- ISG problems (sacroiliac joints, sacrum & ilia joints)
- Joint twists (sprains, strains of a joint capsule and ligaments)
- Paralysis
- Polyneuropathy (disease of the peripheral nervous system)
- Urinary incontinence
- Migraine
- Menstrual problems
- And other ills...

Application comfort and duration
Within a few minutes the Tape is no longer perceived as a nuisance. Physical activities are not restricted by taping, but rather encouraged. You can shower, bathe, swim, exercise, or do any sport with the Tape. Even perspiring below the Tape is possible, as the skin breathes right through the material.

The tape should remain in place for about 1 week, while during the first 3-5 days of its application the main effect of Kinesiology Tape will be evident. Allergic reactions occur only rarely and are very often caused by simultaneously applied medication, or excessive alcohol or nicotine consumption. If in doubt, please consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

Contents: 5,00 m

Technical details

Dimensions: 25cm x 5cm with 20 stirps per roll
Base material: 100% cotton
Glue: acrylic adhesive
Pre-stretched: 10% pre-streched base material
Elasticity: 50 - 60% in the longitudinal direction

Color choice

The choice of colours plays a somewhat secondary role, even once they`ve been pre-selected in a therapy's supportive role. Red and Pink are meant to stimulate, activate and be warming. Blue and green on the other hand are soothing, with a cooling effect. The colours Beige and Black are considered to have a neutral effect.


The Kintex Kinesiology Tape comes in many application areas. You can relieve your system using a tape pain or restricted movement. Some investment techniques can be found in our video tutorials:

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