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Kintex Mini Loops Set

Item number: 36000

EAN: 4260522560055

MULTI TRAINING TOOL- The Kintex Loopband is versatile to use for STRENGTH EXERCISES, YOGA or PILATES. Exercise ANYWHERE, ANYTIME - without heavy training equipment. The Kintex Loops are SMALL AND COMPACT and therefore fit in any pocket.

SET of 5 - 5 colors with 5 different resistance levels.

The bands are especially DURABLE AND SMOOTH RESISTANT.

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What are LOOPS?

Loops are fitness bands (also resistance bands) that are self-contained like a tube or ring. The Kintex Loop Band is made of 100% natural latex and comes in a set consisting of 5 different strengths.

Loops are often described as pocket-sized gyms or mobile dumbbells. That's a good description, because with our loops you can train your fitness, strength or endurance exercises anywhere and anytime.

Stay flexible and avoid unnecessary and bulky training equipment. Loops are versatile and can be ideally integrated into your everyday life. Cost-effective and space-saving.

Training at home

Whether in your own living room, in the garden or on the road. Train when and where you want. Your new fitness companion fits in any bag and is especially light and space-saving.

Train on the road in the park in the sunshine - or rather in your fitness garage in rainy weather.

Ready to train? The Fitnessloop is stored and tidied away in no time.

Contents: 3,00 m


When can I use Loops?

Loops are very versatile and flexible to use. Besides being used as a training tool for daily workouts or CrossFit sessions, loops are also used for regeneration or in therapy.

Strength building: Effectively increase your muscle strength through isometric and isotonic strength exercises.

Coordination: Increase your performance through targeted coordination exercises and functional training exercises.

Endurance: Intensive training sessions sustainably improve your endurance. Stay on the ball.

Recovery: After injuries, exercises with loops can help you recover faster. Strengthen weakened muscles and body parts and increase your flexibility and mobility.

Therapy: Loops are increasingly used in physiotherapy. With the right exercises, chronic pain can be properly treated and therapized. Postural weaknesses and muscular deficits can also be treated with targeted exercises using loop bands.

Please do not just train on the spot. Get a professional opinion from an expert who can show you specific exercises tailored to your pain.

Yoga and Pilates: relaxation with tension. Add variety to your daily relaxation exercises and use a low-resistance loop.


Be your own fitness coach and create your own customized workout program.

Determine the intensity and volume of your workout based on your current needs. Adjust the type and duration of exercises to your level and go from beginner to advanced to expert in the long run.

Increase slowly and sustainably to achieve the greatest possible effect.

You know your body best. Exercises with loops should never cause pain. If pain occurs during the exercises, you should seek advice from experts and, if necessary, consult a specialist.

Our practical tip: The training bands can also be used to warm up the muscles and loosen up the joints. Warm-up exercises can significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Color choice

What do the different colors mean?

Our fitness loops set consists of 5 different colors. The respective colors serve you for orientation and for a better differentiation of the respective strengths. Because each of the 5 bands has a different resistance, so you can choose the right band for your workout depending on the exercise and your current fitness level. For beginners we recommend to start the exercises with the weakest band. After that, you can slowly and steadily increase by gradually using a stronger band for the exercises. This way you can always reach a new and higher fitness level and get the maximum out of yourself.

For your orientation you will find our colors and the corresponding thicknesses below:







0,35 mm

10 lbs / ca. 4,5 kg

Very Light

Very light rehabilitation exercises / therapy


0,50 mm

15 lbs / ca. 6,8 kg


Light Beginner / Yoga exercises


0,70 mm

20 lbs / ca. 9,1 kg


Medium Basic training / arm muscle training


1,00 mm

30 lbs / ca. 13,6 kg


Strong Advanced training / legs / hips / squats


1,20 mm

40 lbs / ca. 18,1 kg

Very Strong

Very strong Strength training / intensive muscle training

Technical details

Technical data:

Length: 60 cm

Width: 5 cm

Material: 100 % latex

The dimensions given refer to the original condition of the tapes and not to the condition under tension/stretching of the tapes.

Kintex quality:

Our loops have been developed with the help of our experts and therapists and tested in professional sports and physiotherapy. Our quality standards serve the highest demands and make the loops extra durable. Attention: If used incorrectly, the loops can also tear quickly. During a training exercise, this can lead to painful experiences.

Our tip: Never bring the loops into contact with pointed or angular objects.

To ensure that the loops remain supple and tear-resistant, we recommend gradually dusting the surface with tallow. The bands should not be exposed to direct UV radiation, excessive heat and cold, or extreme humidity. You can clean the fitness bands with lukewarm water and PH neutral soap.

Allergic reactions / latex intolerance

Allergic skin reactions when using loops are usually very rare. If you experience allergic reactions, such as skin rash, itching or eye irritation, you should refrain from training with the latex bands. In case of doubt, please contact a medical specialist or pharmacist.

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